Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Newsletter UK Summer 2019

Dear Members,

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through the year already – Summer here we come!

It feels like so much has been accomplished in such a short time – and it has.

Just a few of our highlights include our annual awards, both here in the UK and in our Twinning country, the UAE. On both sides of the water our schools, guests and partners were thrilled and moved by a spectacular display of creativity, innovation and resourcefulness from our young members.

Because our work spreads right across the Globe, we have a special section dedicated to our various activities around the world.  We want to share these extraordinary projects with you.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a great deal about the nature of resilience.

Resilience to keep going, to persevere, to never give up, no matter what life throws at us, and what obstacles are placed before us.  So many of our projects show that resilience.

That is our motto here at Roots & Shoots.

Two individuals that I am honoured to work with Wendy Gediman and Suparna Mathur, the former, one of our valued teachers and the latter, our UAE Roots & Shoots ambassador, are for me the embodiment of resilience.  Their journey with us has led them to undertaking the Arctic expedition with Sir Robert Swan. As they begin to embark on their voyage we wish them well in this amazing journey and look forward to hearing about their adventures to come.

Have a lovely Summer!

Tara Golshan

Executive Director, Education

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