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The team at Mayoor Private School keeps extremely busy. Their projects relate to the environment, conservation and sustainability. They have a lot of activities at school starting from KG to Grade X.

Here is what they have been up to:

  • Students participated in the Ghaf Tree Plantation Drive. A total of 50 Ghaf trees were planted by students and staff. Students showed great enthusiasm in planting them and knew their hard work would recharge ground water, prevent sand storms and the green area would become denser. They have initiated the Ghaf Tree Conservation Campaign with the aim of raising the profile of the tree by creating an awareness of ecological and cultural significance among the community.
  • Al Wathba Wetland Reserve is a complex surface of water bodies, both natural and manmade, around 40 km southeast of central Abu Dhabi, just past Mussafah.

Al Wathba acts as an oasis in the middle of the desert for many migratory bird species. Many of these birds stop for resting or refuelling, or for breeding in the lake as part of their life’s journey.”

Students from Grade 8A had the chance of exploring Al Wathba wetland biodiversity, its natural charm and its migratory birds. The students were led by Guide Mr Mustafah and took 2 hours to complete the tour. They enjoyed and explored each and every corner of the Wetland Reserve and walked approximately 6 kms to observe the fauna, flora, soil, animal footprints, reptiles and skeletons of wetland inhabitants. They have closely observed the Flamingos through a telescope.

  • Vertical gardening is an innovative, effortless, and highly productive growing system that uses bottom-up and top-down supports for a wide variety of plants in both small and large garden spaces. Some of the advantages of this project were: Maximise Limited Space; Plan and develop a vertical garden inside the building to improve indoor air quality; Reuse old plastic bottles and reduce plastic waste.

It brings awareness to all the students about conserving space, water and the different species of indoor plants; It helps us decorate the school to encourage the students to learn in a neat, beautiful environment; It increases accessibility and obtains a higher crop yield.

  • The school has dedicated time and effort towards this project so that we can spread awareness about saving space and water. If students want to contribute to this project they can donate more species of plants to add to the collection.
  • The finalists of EMEG Turtle Conservation Project participated in a Tree Plantation Drive at Jebel Ali Marine Sanctuary. The motto behind this mega initiative was an effort to protect the mangrove trees like Avicennia and marine organisms in UAE. A group of enthusiastic Students planted more than 50 mangroves in the sanctuary. The drive was a huge success empowering students with substantial knowledge of environment and mangrove plants and simultaneously enhancing their social skills.
  • The students also took part in a community outreach project distributing paper bags to Al Wathba groceries

We look forward to future projects from this amazing school!

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