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Established in 2007, Little Smarties Nursery is a successful educational provider that has developed a unique, distinctive and high quality educational system in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have two standardized branches of LSN in Abu Dhabi for providing education, extra care and nourishment to kids who are our first priority at all times.

Our ethos incorporates that happiness for learning, is to teach and practice through play and communication. Little Smarties Nursery has a very special connection with the Al Ghaf Tree, which offers nourishment in the UAE desert, just as Little Smarties nourishes our students’education through creative play and a pathway to their future educational journey!

We believe in helping kids learn about Nature, the Environment and living beings. To give the children a real time experience we have an in-house garden for planting. We allow kids to plant a seed, water the plants and let them grow. It is a very good learning step for children to understand that by way of growing trees we can contribute a great deal in saving our Earth and protecting the environment.

The Green Garden in our nursery lets children nurture their physical movements while being exposed to open air and nature. We celebrated Green Day in order to enhance and make children recall the presence of natural elements, talking about trees and small plants. Understanding nature and environment and learning about saving Earth is very important, so we conducted different activities about recycling on Earth Day. Children learnt how we could save items for Recycling.

Recently our little ones started learning about Marine life and Sea creatures through different activities, story time and singing time. Explaining about living beings and how best we can protect the Sea creatures’ lives and keep the water clean. To know more about wild and pet animals, big and small, we had a field trip to the zoo to give children a real experience of looking at the animals and feeding them.

We believe that “The world is opening up and counts on today’s youth to build tomorrow”.

We contribute to world harmony by preparing future leaders. We play and work with our children cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically in an atmosphere of comfort and happiness that allows them to develop and learn at their own pace.

By Kulsoom Mustafa

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