Team Zayed share their Antarctica Journey

After the Antarctica expedition earlier this year, Winston Cowie and Rashed Al Zaabi from Team Zayed, Environment Agency, decided to visit schools to share their magnificent experience in Antarctica with groups of students from year (4-6). The theme was “Say no to single use of plastics”.

The aim was to inspire, educate, and engage students on the UAE’s Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity, Antarctica, and society’s two largest environmental challenges: Climate Change & Single Use Plastic. Winston, as a marine specialist initiated the session by showing some of the rare marine biodiversity. Rashed followed by showing off some terrestrial biodiversity. Then, the level of excitement elevated as soon as Zayed’s team talked about their Adventure and challenges throughout the trip to Antarctica, inspiring the students to follow in their footsteps! Our ED, Tara, also got to witness their presentation first hand at Al Reef school during her trip to Abu Dhabi.

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