The passionate Sheikh Dr.Majid Al Qassimi enlightens students about the concept of sustainability

This year’s Ambassador Programme was a complete success; thanks to our guest speaker sheikh Dr. Majid Al Qassimi who shared the significance of sustainability to our dedicated students.

Sheikh Dr Majid is an influential character.  He is one of the first four vets in the UAE. During his childhood Dr.Majid developed a passion and determination to study veterinary medicine and now he is not only the Chief vet officer in the UAE, but also the director of the animal development and health department of the food diversity sector in the Ministry of Climate Change.



Dr. Al Qassimi was delighted to be chosen as a speaker this year. He presented the topic “Sustainability on the Edge” addressing the daily habits that affect the ecosystem, providing solutions that broaden the students edge of knowledge and therefore shifting the mindset of students towards developing sustainable habits.

In his respected opinion,  Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme in the UAE is so important to be able to reach as many young people as possible. “I believe that education is the first step to ensuring sustainability. The younger we can have this conversation the more we can grow and develop sustainability here and across the World”.

Dr.Majid is determined to educate the future generation on the importance of sustainability in our lives. In fact, his aim is to shift the habits of the young generation’s concept about sustainability. Our favourite quote of his is “You’re always making choices, and those choices have impacts!”. At the end of the talk, Dr. Majid took part in a Q&A and managed to fulfill the curiosity of young minds.

Students left the ambassador programme influenced by Dr.Majids’ lecture. One student said: “This experience really inspired me, opened my mind and gave me a different perspective on the concept of sustainability.“

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