Our Executive Director, Tara Golshan
impresses at the TEDx talk
at Open Gate School, Prague

At the TEDx event, held at the prestigious Open Gate School, Prague, themed: “If not us, who?” Tara talked about her own life story and the importance of taking positive actions towards our planet, Dr Jane, her mission and her legacy – the Roots & Shoots programme. She highlighted our reasons for hope, and how we should not give up on making this Planet a better place for all living beings. “I was honoured and privileged to be part of the Open Gate School Ted presentations. The audience were attentive and the young attendees inspiring and dedicated. Ted is a wonderful platform to spread our message to a global audience in order to protect and reserve our planet for the
next generations.” Tara Golshan, Executive Director.

Ms. Alžběta Janečková, the Student Organiser of the event said: “The TEDxYouth@OpenGateSchool conference was a culmination of combined hard work of the team and speakers, eight people with breathtaking stories who came together from various disciplines and continents to share their ideas in one afternoon. It was an unparalleled event in both the history of our school and my life and will be long remembered for its inspiring atmosphere, true TED spirit and openness of everyone present.”

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