International Day of Peace 21st September 2015
Partnerships For Peace – Dignity For All

As a United Nations Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane makes it a priority every year to observe and celebrate the annual International Day of Peace on September 21. Dr. Jane’s wish is to create a more peaceful world. With this year’s theme, “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity For All,” Dr. Jane shared the following message:

Learn more about the UN’s observance of the Day of Peace here

Download this year’s poster

Every year, through projects that promote peace among people and the natural world, as well as the symbolic “flying” of their signature Giant Peace Dove Puppets, Roots & Shoots members all over the world, show their dedication to creating a better, more peaceful future for generations to come.

  • What you can do?
  • Sing the Peace Day Song
  • Share ideas – what is peace?
  • Make big and small Peace Day Doves
  • Hold a Peace Day assembly
  • Learn about how different countries celebrate Peace Day
  • Watch the Day of Peace special observance at the United Nations LIVE on September 21. (Dr. Jane will be there!)
  • Watch the dove making video from last year, try making your own!
  • Have a Peace Day parade
  • Have fun and take lots of photographs
  • Tell us about your Peace Day celebrations and we will post and share far and wide your photos and comments!!
  • Don’t forget to have lots of fun!!

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