Journey towards Sustainability @TIAD

Read here the Year of Sustainability from Indian Academy Dubai.

Indian Academy Dubai’s primary section has taken several sustainable initiatives to promote environmental awareness and encourage sustainable living practices among its students. These initiatives have been designed to educate young minds about the importance of preserving the environment and to inspire them to take active steps toward creating a greener future.

One of the primary initiatives taken by the school is to teach students about waste management and recycling. Students are encouraged to segregate their waste into different categories and dispose of them responsibly. The school has also set up recycling bins on the premises, where students can deposit their recyclable waste such as paper, cardboard, and plastic.

The school has also implemented several energy-saving measures, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and encouraging students to turn off lights and electronics when not in use.

To reduce the use of plastic, the school has banned single-use plastic items such as straws and water bottles, and encourages students to bring their own reusable water bottles.

The primary section of Indian Academy Dubai has also implemented several green initiatives such as setting up a school garden where students learn about sustainable gardening practices and grow their own fruits and vegetables. The school also organizes nature walks and field trips to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

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