My environmental friendly online business “Hwawii Staitonary”

I started my mini business from almost a year now, it’s called “Hwawii Stationary”. The reason I called it that is because, “Hwawii” is a nickname for My name which is Haya and most of the stuff that I sell is stationary items and handmade artistic pieces like pins, stickers, bookmarks, clothes that specifically tell stories about our environment and my art on canvas. My business isn’t just about what I sell it’s also a voice to show the important of protecting our environment and using the right products to keep it safe like instead of using plastic bags I either use reuse-able ones or recycled Paper bags because, I studied very well that plastic bags take many years to decompose which is harmful for our environment and to us, human beings too! I’m glad that I started it because, though this project or business I’m inspiring many young artists and girls especially by showing them anything is possible and that nobody can stop you from doing what you want, except yourself! I’m also happy that I decided 10% on all items bought, goes to charity. I learned that when you’re happy, you mustn’t keep it to yourself but you must share it instead! I showcased my store in many different settings like NYUAD during the Jane Goodall competition and environmental event, my school (Hunain) and the latest which is an Art festival hosted by a small artist. It was such a great opportunity for me to show my business to new people. On top of that I met great artists that motivated me and I met very lovely and supportive people that encouraged me to continue my business and I truly appreciated every word said by them. I’m proud to be a girl who teaches students that they can try and it’s okay to fail especially in a school environment, and most importantly a person who helps my community and country to develop. Everything I do, I do it with love and passion and most importantly, with reasons. I do this today in order to see others improve and become something greater in the future. I do this now to inspire future generations and to tell them not only is it a business, it is also a way to show them that our environment is important and that we must protect our environment in order for our environment to protect us! I’m thankful for the people around me and I believe that the people you surround yourself with can make a huge impact on you. Remember that, whatever you do now, will change the world later on.

Written by:
Haya Alnuaimi





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