Recyclable Race Cars

Once again Providence Students were on the move searching for Eco friendly fun! On this mission, they found themselves at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s sustainable eco-city. Masdar City is an incredible place; it is the world’s largest sustainable city.  The unique features of this city include ancient Arab architecture mixed with modern technology. The buildings are really neat. They capture wind and naturally cool the city! Solar energy is a bonus with so much sunshine to be had. After enjoying the sights and cool breeze, the students participated in creating a car from recyclable materials. They used PET bottles, caps, styrofoam trays, wooden skewers, and used brochures. The car design possibilities were endless; some children even made sailing boats on wheels! After completing their wind-powered race cars, the students tried them out to see whose car worked the best. A quick poll was taken, and the students voted unanimously this was a thumbs up activity!

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  1. Really glad you enjoyed our workshop!

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