A Visit to the Vacation Home of the Greater Flamingo

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

Students from Providence Academy recently visited the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve one of the 2,000 internationally recognized wetlands. The reserve is home to many animals even some endangered species. The central focus and claim to fame is the home of Greater flamingos that migrate to Abu Dhabi from central Asia. From Autumn until Spring 4000 Greater Flamingo call Abu Dhabi home. We learned that flamingos are not all pink. Their age and what they eat determines their color. They only lay one egg per year.  The last count of chicks hatched at the reserve was near 300!  The Al Wathba Wetland Reserve was created from natural and man-made bodies of water, natural salt flats and sand dunes in 1998 by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. There are 250 species of birds, a variety of aquatic life along with 37 plant species.   

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