GEMS Modern Academy at the Roots & Shoots Awards 2017

Siraj Anwar and Irene Bobby represented GEMS Modern Academy at the annual Roots and Shoots Awards 2017 sponsored by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel on January 12, 2017.
Our students set up a beautiful display which included two pieces of art made from reused materials and a tree that they named ‘Modern’s Giving Tree’ on which they pasted leaves with QR codes that would give curious onlookers more information about each activity that the school is undertaking to ensure a cleaner environ-ment for us all.
IMG_20170112_130407The founder of Roots and Shoots, Dr. Jane Goodall, who is a UN Messenger of Peace, was enthused by the presentation made by our students. She was particularly impressed with our students’ solution to Abu Dhabi’s environmental issues, which is essentially to introduce a Carbon tax.



After Dr. Jane Goodall had visited every display made by each of the 12 participating schools, the next part of the event then commenced in which each school addressed a burning environmental issue in the form of a creative show ranging from plays and skits to poems and songs. Our school recited an adapted poem titled ‘Don’t you love your mother?’ written by Irene.

Dr. Jane Goodall, then, addressed the gathering with an inspiring and motivating talk for 30 minutes.
Each school was also invited on stage to accept a trophy from Dr. Jane Goodall along with a signed copy of her book ‘In the Shadow of Man’.
The Roots & Shoots Awards gave everyone an opportunity to share ideas and projects for the betterment of our society, wildlife and environment in this region.

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