GROW YOUR FOOD campaign was held at GEMS Modern Academy on 19th October, 2016. We started off with 35 parents, 15 teachers, senior leadership team and students attending the program. This was the first official meeting before the first cycle of planting. This year we are trying to team up the entire school community for the Dubai’s Vision for building a happy and sustainable city through organic farming.

Our principal Mrs. Nargish Khambatta inaugurated the initiative by giving the companion plants to Mrs. Sherin, one of our parent volunteer. This was followed by a Mentimeter voting by parents to give a name to this initiative.  The name Modern Seeds Of Hope was chosen by the parents for this.

pic a

The ten steps of gardening was recited by Aaryansh of grade 6. This poem was selected as the best one from all grade 5 and 6 participants who had participated in a poem writing competition on gardening.

Mr. Stuart Oda from Alesca life spoke about various types of urban farming. Other guest speakers were Mr. Arnaud Fabre from Agriculture box and Mrs. Momina Ahmad, our parent volunteer.

One of the very impressive presentations was done by KG students of our school who demonstrated the easy steps to make herb mixed butter and also explained about companion planting in their garden.

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Along with these, our teachers and the school gardener Mr.Habib had short question answer sessions with the parents regarding various agricultural techniques.

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Following this, parents met the teacher coordinators of various sections. After planning, all visited the planter’ s patch and observed the selected area . The parents were given various companion plants as take away gifts.

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