Report on EEG Workshop 2016 on “Sustainable Innovation – Road to Sustainable Development Goals”

We participated in the 16th Students Workshop 2016 on “Sustainable Innovation – Road to Sustainable Development Goals” with the EVS and ESS students of grades 10 to 12 and IB.

It was an enriching experience as the workshop was focusing on six sustainable development goals in detail out of seventeen goals. The students were able to understand the Concept of Sustainability as well as the goals to attain sustainable development.

Key highlights are as follows:

Students were able to give individual initiatives and frame school level initiatives to achieve one innovative solution to the designated sustainable target goal as part of an activity.

Students were challenged to evaluate various environmental issues and identify alternative actions to resolve environmental problems.

Students were motivated to be more responsible towards their own action related to environmental degradation. They were encouraged to incorporate sustainable living habits in their own lives, in order to make this world a better place.

Students were given a chance to build up channels of communication and networking through the EEG group.

The presentation on ‘Life beyond oil’ by ENOC, gave an insight to the oil reserves in UAE and its exploitation which can lead to a situation of Life without oil. The next presentation was focused on Healthy and Sustainable food in terms of production and food choices we make.

In many cases students were able to relate their learning and understanding in the subject to the real world situations.

Our students were enthusiastic and actively participated in the workshop whole throughout the day.

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