A visit to WETEX along with Environmental Science students of grades 9 to 12 and IB

It was an enriching experience as the exhibition actually showcased various innovations that are taking place in areas of environment and energy conservation.

The students were able to update themselves about the latest trends in technology related to sustainability and alternative energy sources. The participant companies displayed current challenges that are plaguing and how technology is able to resolve some of them.

Key highlights that we observed during our visit are as follows:

  • Replacing A/C – We saw a unique cooling technology using capillary action which is an alternative to current AC’s technology. It has the potential to save up to 30- 50% energy.  Also it is good for health apart from being environment friendly (no greenhouse gases) and can be used for growing plants during summers.
  • There was a lot of impetus on solar technology, developing innovative and more efficient ways of harnessing renewable and clean solar energy.
  • Sustainable city: One of the major Dubai based developer displayed complete plan of a city which harnesses technological development in sustainable development. That city has used aspects of waste management, alternative forms of energy, houses designed based on clean and efficient energy resources.  All this was displayed with a detailed mockup of the complete city. It meets the world’s changing energy needs while lessening the impact of energy use on climate change – with a clear focus on alternative energies, with an emphasis on solar energy and biomass.
  • Sustainable solutions to help offset carbon footprint by distributing seeds to all. They did this under “Grow a Ghaf” campaign (National tree of UAE). Technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity, producing biofuels and recycling wastes. Contribute to the development of green sustainable energy future and efficient use of natural resources.
  • Few displayed hybrid vehicles using alternative sources of energy which are clean and renewable

In many cases students were able to relate the learnings in school to events in the real world.

Many companies with whom our students interacted, were quite impressed with the knowledge of our students and a couple of them also expressed readiness to extend their support to any relevant project taken up by these students.

Although it was a very short trip, our students came back enlightened.

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