Stray Animals Campaign

The GAA Roots & Shoots team did an awareness campaign this month. The aim was to raise awareness for stray animals, the conditions they live in and how we could possibly help them. We then had a bake sale to raise money to give to the Red Crescent, so that it could then be donated to Falcon Hospital in order to buy food and medication for stray animals they gave shelter to. Together we worked on preparing the food to sell at our school and later on sold it to our peers. After all this bake sale went very well, we were able to make 300 AED to donate to Falcon Hospital.

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One Response to Stray Animals Campaign

  1. Great work by organizing Stray Animals campaign to educate every residents residing in our United Arab Emirates to take care of the stray animals , not abandon their pets and to take care of them by feeding, organizing T N R and finding foster parents for this awesome angels which we as human beings have neglected until know ,
    The Stray Animals campaign should also be organized in other emirates also and attracting week end march past in which every residents could participate aand our champaign objective should be awareness to the masses and highlight should be : SAVE A SOUL AT A TIME , ADOPT DON’T SHOP !

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