“Let’s Talk Roots & Shoots” – Dr Jane Goodall visits Fairgreen International School

Monday, January 30th, 2023 will be marked in the Fairgreen history books as a day to remember.

Dr Jane Goodall has inspired Fairgreen community members from afar since its founding. She represents care, advocacy, courage, perseverance, and determination along with so much more and this is why we read books about her, dress up as her, and name buildings after her. Dr Goodall’s personal visit to Fairgreen inspired us much more than we expected. We expected to see a woman with the qualities shared above yet what we didn’t expect was to see how she inspires so many others. We were reminded that true selflessness, as modelled by Dr Goodall, inspires good in others which then inspires others. What we believe sets Dr Goodall apart is her relentless drive and determination to both model positive change AND recognize the efforts of others. We are confident that this week’s event has planted the seed somewhere in the Fairgreen community which will lead to the next Dr Jane Goodall.

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