Fairgreen International School update

Students have participated in the following Roots & Shoots related activities this year:

  • ○  Solar Model Windmills – coloring and constructing solar model windmills and creating demonstrations with a goal to involve students in the process of scaling up solar power at Fairgreen and other schools around the world (model to pilot to commercial solar arrays).  Solar Model Windmill – Slide Show


  • ○  Planning and designing solar powered Tower Gardens for the Fairgreen Urban Farming classroom

  • ○  Planning a Million Solar Stars Challenge – Junior Solar Sprint race and celebration
  • ○  We enjoyed a visit and presentation by Ms. Tara Golshan, and students presented to Tara their progress with the Million Solar Stars program.



  • Fairgreen Million Solar Stars would like to leverage relationships with solar and clean tech companies, as well as The Sustainable City, Roots & Shoots, and EXPO 2020 Dubai to make a meaningful positive impact for UAE’s community, animals and our environment.


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