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Wonderful poem and a song dedicated to Dr Jane and her 80th Birthday



Enlightening our knowledge to seek and too reclaim our spot in this race,
She is known to have spent nights and days studying the chimpanzees
Although it might be overlooked
Her strength of will and unrevealed love that was reborn by the sublime emergence of this world

Revelations of species and regions that we never sought to uncover
She willingly went out to discover the hidden glamour within the hazardous adventures
With while studying the chips, it didn’t take more than one look
To be hooked onto and recognize that similarly we were so alike
Emotions like anger; happiness and affection was something that we both possessed
And do not forget the mere intelligence we both have been blessed with

It was not only the love for animals she stumbled upon but the world, it nature continuously within the happening
She continues to seek out in hopes to save this world, our only home
They call her the woman that redefined man,

Jane Goodall .

Written by Salma Alwi student at Emirates Private School, Abu Dhabi


As we approach this new year,

We tend to broaden our minds,

Although our hearts are filled with fear,

As we think about our environment demise.


Despite the dreadfulness of this hideous crime,

Among us has grown a hero,

Who convinces us that there’s still time,

And that we shouldn’t let it go.


From Europe to Africa to America the hero has flew,

Though a lot to pursue her dream,

Although she didn’t really have a clue,

She didn’t think that she’d ever bring together a team.


Knowing that the world was chasing the wrong kind of green,

It was time to let the youth see what we have never seen,

Through hard times and crisis her hope never wavered,

“let’s have faith in ourselves”, she always answered.


She travels the world longer than you can imagine,

Spreading word and dropping knowledge like canon,

A hero hopeful that that our world would not fall,

The world need to know the story of JANE GOODALL.

Composed by Najat Mohammed , Shamma Ahmed Al Remeithi, Amna Al Remeithi, Emirates Private School, Abu Dhabi

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