Making a mud pie is always a hit with the kids! It’s a fun way for them to explore, build, and create. Plus, what kid doesn’t like to get a little messy! From pallets to recycled wastevcabinets, mud kitchen is sure to keep our child’s attention. Dunes International School opened a mud kitchen for our Kindergarten students to explore their learning atmosphere.

Mud kitchens are amazing spaces for sparking children’s imagination. It takes a good deal of creative thinking to transform muddy creations into culinary delights.

To allow the children the freedom to play, explore and learn to their full extent in the mud kitchen it is really important that children are encouraged to feel the textures of the materials with their fingers, transfer liquids from one container to another to, splash, slop, stir and whizz to create sticky mud and explore its adaptations.

Providing shelving allows for easy storage of equipment like, pans, bowls, and utensils and also makes the area feel more kitchen-like. Provide old pots, baking pans, bowls, and utensils for children to use in the mud kitchen. Exposure to dirt and germs works to prime a child’s immune system to prevent allergies. Yes, it’s actually healthy for children to get muddy! The mud kitchen is up and running!! Coffee and mud pizzas will be served up during the classes. Look how clean it is.

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  1. Love your mud kitchen.! We too here at Dubai English Speaking School love exploring through natural materials and having children connect with nature while learning about materials

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