Earth Club at Dubai English Speaking School

The children in Earth Club as well as the Environmental leaders have decided to take the first step towards their goal of having a more sustainable lunchbox and a zero waste lunchtime.  After learning about all the chemicals that may be added to the soil they have designed a new vegetable garden for our school.  While researching different foods they learned about the benefits of herbs and vegetables in our diet.  We can’t wait to sprinkle some basil and parsley onto our salads!

After learning about the effects of plastic waste on our environment the children then had another great idea. They created at scoring system for our lunchboxes and decided one- use plastic bottles and plastic wrapping was a definite no no causing you to lose 50 points while a fabric lunchbox and reusable bottle scores you 50 points each.  Amazing work Earth Club.

We’ll keep you updated on how our sustainable garden develops.

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