Paperless Day Phase 2

“Nature doesn’t need us, we need nature.”

Every year on October 14th, Arab Environment Day is observed to raise awareness and preserve the environment. This year’s theme in Delhi Private School, Sharjah was to be ‘Paperless’ for a day. The kids in the primary wing across the grades acknowledged and recognized the significance of this day by refraining from using paper and participating in special assemblies and classroom activities like JAM-Speak for The Planet, Sudoku, Riddles, Quiz, and Debate integrated across various subjects. Through these activities, the students underlined the importance of this day and the need to encourage environmental conservation, sustainable transportation, and clean and green technology.

Students were also shown an educational innovation video about sustainability. Finally, in the form of a quiz provided by their teacher, they put down their comprehension and ideas for raising awareness of this day. We, the DPS family paused for a day because we believe, “Paperless is not just a concept, it’s a lifestyle choice.” After all, every sheet saved is a step closer to a sustainable world.



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