KG1 Arab Environment Day assembly

Green Today, Clean Tomorrow! Our Planet, Our Responsibility

KG1 I presented their Assembly on 18th October 2023. The theme of the assembly was Arab Environment Day. The assembly commenced with a brief introduction, followed by a small skit put up by the children. Students spoke passionately about the importance of taking care of our environment, saving water, planting trees. The assembly created awareness about the importance of protecting Mother Nature and the only living planet EARTH. Through the assembly, the students explained the consequences of air pollution, global warming, the need to plant more saplings, etc. The little ones emphasized the importance of this day and stressed the need to promote environmental conservation. They also emphasized how DPS Sharjah contributes to saving the environment and Paperless Pause. They summed up the skit with a song ‘Save the Planet”. The parent fraternity was also invited to witness this event and they also shared their views along with our Headmistress Ms. Gurpreet Modi. The assembly provided our tiny tots the platform, which helped to boost their confidence towards public speaking and imbibing a feeling of team spirit too.

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