Arab Environment Day Phase 1

“Growing Together, Nurturing Tomorrow: Little Hands, Big Hearts, and Our Shared Green Destiny.

Arab Environment Day at our school, celebrated on the 17th of October, was a grand success as students from Pre-KG to Grade 2 came together to embrace the spirit of environmental consciousness. The entire event was a beautiful tapestry of activities, each grade bringing their unique touch to promote sustainable practices and the love of nature.

Grade 2: These young environmental warriors took a giant leap towards digitization by adopting Microsoft Forms and IXL Skills, demonstrating their commitment to reducing paper usage. In the classroom, innovation reigned supreme as they harnessed the power of technology. Math lessons were transformed into a sensory experience, molding clay and using earbuds to explore shapes. English classes honed their descriptive language through vivid toy descriptions, and in science, young scientists delved into germination experiments.

This eco-friendly approach truly captured the essence of Arab Environment Day, fostering engaging and responsible learning while reducing our ecological footprint. We can’t help but reflect on how our late founding father, Sheikh Zayed, emphasized the importance of safeguarding the environment and preserving natural resources—a legacy that continues to shape our nation’s development.

Grade 1: The journey towards sustainability continued with Grade 1, who embarked on a paperless pause, replacing paper with digital and hands-on activities. This shift underlined the importance of embracing green and sustainable practices. The classroom became a vibrant hub of creativity as students fashioned models of life below water, life on land, and climate action using clay.

Their exploration extended to crafting various animal habitats with soft toys, all while utilizing materials like straws, earbuds, and popsicles to grasp essential concepts of measurement. By the day’s end, these young learners had imbibed invaluable lessons in sustainability and environmental care. KG2: With “Love of Trees” as their theme, our KG2 students embarked on a heartwarming journey to instill the value of trees and environmental responsibility. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm of our little ones as they planted small saplings and nurtured their mini gardens at home. Our commitment to a greener future soared high as we celebrated Environment Day with a captivating “Cooking Without Fire” activity. Here, students crafted “Ghaf Trees” using grapes and pretzel sticks, turning a simple snack into an eco-friendly masterpiece.

In the process, these young minds imbibed the significance of preserving and protecting the Ghaf Tree, which stands tall as the national tree of the UAE. They came to understand how this iconic tree plays a crucial role in maintaining desert ecosystems and preserving the heritage of the Arabian Peninsula. KG1: “No water, no life. No blue, no green.” These were the profound words echoing through the hearts of our KG1 students as they celebrated Arab Environment Day and Paperless Pause Day on the 17th of October 2023. With vibrant enthusiasm and a heart full of adjectives, these young minds embarked on an incredible journey to raise environmental awareness and safeguard our planet’s precious resources. Armed with the understanding that sea turtles hold a pivotal role in our ecosystem, these budding conservationists embarked on a mission of great significance. With the gentle guidance of their teachers, they utilized green clay and pistachio shells to craft intricate turtle sculptures. Through this hands-on experience, our tiny tots discovered the intricate beauty of these magnificent creatures and the critical importance of protecting their habitats.

Pre-KG: The tiniest members of our school family, in their valiant mission to save marine life, epitomized the spirit of empathy and stewardship. Their “Messy Play” was a heart-touching endeavor to rescue our oceans from plastic pollution. By removing harmful debris from the water, they learned the profound lesson of nurturing and safeguarding Mother Earth and marine life, soaking in the lessons of the Sustainable Development Goal focused on ‘Life Below Water.’

In these endeavors, our DPS Sharjah sends an eloquent message to our students: “As stewards of our planet, we are nurturing a generation that is innovative, eco-conscious, and deeply appreciative of the environment’s fragile beauty. Together, we are painting a sustainable future, rich in color, purpose, and the hope of preserving our precious planet for generations to come.”

DPS Sharjah school community made a sustainable promise, crafting vibrant clay sculptures, embracing paperless practices, and envisioning a brighter, more colourful future, preserving the delicate balance of our precious environment.

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