Tara Golshan visits Delhi Private School Sharjah

On the 1st of November, the “Roots & Shoots” event made a mark as a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts of Delhi Private School, Sharjah to address the pressing environmental concerns across the globe and foster sustainable solutions for the same. The primary goal of the event was to enhance awareness about a wide array of environmental topics, with a particular emphasis on the urgency of climate action. The event welcomed a distinguished guest, Ms Tara Golshan, who serves as the Executive Director of Roots & Shoots. Her presence as the chief guest lent immense credibility and insight to the occasion.

The event took place in the senior auditorium, where students displayed their current projects. It acted as platforms to showcase the remarkable initiatives undertaken by the dedicated environmentalists within the school community. Moreover, the event received an added layer of significance with the attendance of key figures, including our esteemed Director and Principal-Ms. Vandana Marwaha Vice Principal Admin-Mr.Rajeev Chandy, Headmistress Grade 11and 12-Ms. Beena Rajeev, Headmistress Grade 9 and 10- Ms. Monica Chelani, Middle School Headmistress- Ms. Adeeba Waseem, Headmistress Primary-Ms. Prabha Iyer and Supervisors- Ms. Jessie Mathew, Ms. Nidhi Virmani, Ms. Daliya David and Ms.Kamna Katoch. The Eco – committee Coordinators, Dr. Aiswarya and Ms. Vandana acknowledged the remarkable efforts put in by Delhi Private School, Sharjah to act as an agent of positive change and revolutionary transformation and carrying forward the Global vision of a ‘Green and Happy’ environment. The event was covered by student photographer Ms. Levina from Grade 8E.

The impact of the event was profound, serving as a catalyst for heightened awareness regarding our climatic and environmental conditions, sparking conversations, and inspiring collective action towards a more sustainable future. It demonstrated that together, we can steer towards a greener and more responsible tomorrow.  The occasion provided a forum for acknowledging the deep spirit of diversity, cooperation and excellence that characterizes our institution. The event emphasised the need of ‘Cultivating Green Leaders of Tomorrow’.

We’ve put together a short video of the event, you can watch it here.

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