“Let’s Talk-Roots & Shoots” – Roundtable Discussion

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots mission resonates and demonstrates practical and positive difference to people and the environment, like Delhi Private School, Sharjah.

Our school participated in the first “Let’s Talk Roots & Shoots” Roundtable Discussion on 30th January 2023  at Fairgreen International School, with a vision to inspire students to enhance their experiences and commitment towards conservation and protection. It was a collaboration of young minds across different schools of UAE. Primary Wing, Environment Presidents, proudly presented at the SEE Institute, the various sustainable initiatives at Delhi Private School, Sharjah and their relevance to our everyday life.

Collaborative and interactive sessions were held by entities such as Waste Lab, Alesca, Hero Go and Green Bronx Machine. Stephen Ritz signed his book for our children and praised them for their commitment. Composting and food waste management was taught, along with Terrace gardening and hydroponics demonstration , which was an eye opener for the students. Carbon footprint impacts and the environmental risks involved were discussed among the group of students from 11 different schools. Incorporation of environmental education in curriculum and youth advocacy in support for underprivileged communities was encouraged.

The internationally acclaimed and renowned conservationist Dr Jane Goodall says the Roots & Shoots youth educational programme is her greatest achievement. She spoke of her work in Gombe National Park in Tanzania 60 years ago that shaped our understanding of apes. It was inspiring to see how the students collaborated and developed plans to address the challenges related to the topics discussed. Students are the future, they will transform the scientific landscape, forever redefining our relationship with the animals we share this planet with. As Dr Jane Goodall has said: “We are not different in kind, but rather by mere degree.”

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