Tackle – An EcoGen Initiative

Eight Billion Dreams, but One Planet.

Yet, with global Warming, Climate Change and pollution, we must find a solution.

But, In the face of environmental challenges, we see solutions, we see opportunities.

Football unites the world; Climate Action must unite us too.

On December 8th, Dipsites unleashed their football spirit on the field as they took on football for the environment, in a friendly match, to campaign for Climate Action, just as FIFA had taken up climate action under its wing through the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, being the first sports federation to do so.

The event saw students filled with enthusiasm and pride as they played football, all the while remembering the common goal and aim for conserving our planet, our home. The event saw great outreach, bringing together dipsites into one community with one vision, for greener and livelier planet for one and all.

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