Students of Health & Mind Club hosted a day of action on 16th November as they reminded the whole school community that every day is the day to ask, ‘Are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone, they care about might be struggling with their mental health.

Club members from grades 9-12 inspired and empowered everyone to meaningfully connect with the  people around them and start a conversation with those in their world .

Grade 10 and 11 boys presented a skit to highlight the importance of positive wellbeing. The skit was engaging and reminded students to focus on self-care to improve their wellbeing.

Girl 11 girls presented a dance to the Song, Permission to Dance reminding all students and teachers that this is our time to pursue, follow our dreams and do what we want.

The highlight of today’s event was the Wellbeing stall. This was put up by the students who distributed interactive activity sheets to help their peers unplug and unwind from the daily grind.

Bookmarks, awareness pamphlets, green ribbons were given to all. The session concluded with a shared activity, “My Green ribbon Champion” where the students highlighted the names of their mental health champion to make the green ribbon board highlight mental health awareness.

Let us continue to grow the movement and show how together we can change the narrative around mental health from a whisper to a conversation.

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