Prioritizing Rest, Reflecting and Recharging

“Always give time for yourself, Each Mind Matters!”

Delhi Private School, Sharjah, Primary Wing observed activities on Mental Health.

The school stood in solidarity and pledged to be ‘A Leader in their own way, while being compassionate to themselves and others’. Students of Kg1 and Kg 2 engaged in activities that showcased their genuine optimism and drew their most favourite and positive traits or quality about themselves. The corridors gleamed with their positive quotes adorning the walls.

Gr1 and Gr 2 students enthusiastically expressed themselves by writing positive and bold affirmations. The Mental Health Day campaign activities which were fun and interactive, hoped to raise awareness among students of Gr 3- Gr 5. All students wore green ribbons as it is the international symbol for mental health awareness. The entire day was dedicated to improving and reinforcing the three R’s: Rest, Reflection, and Recharging”.

The motto is Wellbeing starts with you: Let’s make it a reality!

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