“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.” – Mother Teresa

Time seemingly stood still for much of the world at this situation but the students of DPS, Sharjah commemorated the hard and great work that is being accomplished around them.

 Our young and enthusiastic students of Primary wing were encouraged to contemplate how they can contribute to the society which in turn was a step to achieving the Sustainability Goals. The students expressed their gratitude in the form of making thank you cards and bags, gifted gloves, goodies and sanitizers. Moreover, they helped their parents to prepare a special meal for their helpers at home and in school. All these items were purchased by the money earned by our tiny tots by helping their parents doing small household chores. The little ones got into the Ramadan spirit of giving, by contributing to the environment at large – recycling things, reusing bottles and papers. Overall, the excitement, sense of contribution and responsibility was writ large on the cherubic smiles.

In addition to the above acts, a brilliant initiative was also taken by our dipsites to distribute boxes of dates and water to the labourers during the Iftar with the help of parents. Furthermore, Certificates of Appreciation were made by the students with great excitement and distributed to the supporting staff at school.

Our children learned to have gratitude in their hearts for those who served them and reminded them to be kind and respectful towards all those who help them daily. They have well grasped the idea that there are no limitations to spreading smiles and radiating happiness around.

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