Light it forward

When darkness comes, let’s not condemn the dark, but light a lamp to illuminate…

22nd September 2022 marked the collaboration of Delhi Private School, Sharjah and Light It Forward UAE, an initiative under Liter of Light, a creative, noble, worldwide initiative started by social entrepreneur Mr. Illac Diaz, which brings sustainable lighting solutions to the people who most need affordable lighting.

A unique international event was organized by ECOGEN-the Environment Committee of Delhi Private School, Sharjah, ably led by the Presidents Siddhant Pradhan, Tisha Mariyam and Vice Presidents, Rohit Rarichan, Nashita Haider. It is the commencement of a series of events to be organized in coming weeks where students will build Solar Powered Lamps, which will be displayed as a part of a large artwork made by UAE youth that will be seen around the world from October 27 to November 27, 2022, before the opening of the COP27 conference.

Light it Forward UAE is representing the United Arab Emirates at COP27, that is to be held in Egypt through a climate action program with the youth of the UAE and UNESCO and have won a prestigious invite to be part of the Art d’Egypte, where this artwork will be displayed.

Light It Forward is a part of a larger initiative under Liter of Light with the aim to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households that do not have access to electricity or are unable to afford it. It uses inexpensive, readily available materials to make high-quality solar lighting. This flagship project has already had a tremendous worldwide impact.

Students were given their very own Light It Forward kits which they assembled.  From resistors and capacitors to solar panels and batteries, students collaborated and worked as one, to assemble the lamps while understanding the importance of this venture. They were also given the opportunity to write messages to those who receive these lamps, so that their words of hope ignite a spark in the hearts of millions to light it forward!

The Light It Forward UAE Foundation is making it possible for school students to make a big impact in our world and we at Delhi Private School, Sharjah are proud to partner with them.

Our student leaders, through this initiative, challenged their peers to be the spark in the lives of others, by taking up this noble cause and lighting it forward!

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