Cranleigh Enterprise Day

The purpose of Enterprise Day is to develop the practical skills in entrepreneur- ship and donate any proceeds to a worthy cause.

his year, a buzz spread across Cran- leigh when our Years 9 and 10 hosted the Enterprise Day for pupils in the Prep School. Many goods and services wereon o er, from golf, to nerf gun assaultcourses to decorating cookies. The back- drop to the event was a pop-up stage for pupils in Years 3 to 8 to showcase their talents, with performances headlined byour sta band Border Run.

In the run-up to the day, Years 9 and 10 pupils were mentored by Sixth Form students; together they planned their enterprises, conducted market researchand planned the production and nancingof their businesses. In order to prove that their initiative would be a success, every company had to attend a Dragon’s Den to justify their idea. We saw incredible displays of innovation, entrepreneurship and excitement.

One of the core concepts surrounding Enterprise Day is philanthropy. It exposes Cranleigh students to the importance oftrying to make a di erence in the worldand helping those less fortunate than themselves. A total of AED 22,000 was raised with proceeds going to our chosen charity – The Choice 2 Change Founda- tion (C2C). This worthy cause aims to help the children in the slums of Bangla- desh, lifting them out of poverty througheducation. Our pro ts have since beenutilised, the money being used to pay for eight student’s education at C2C school and for a community Iftar in the Dhaka slum which fed 200 families.

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