Galactic drinks – by Isaac

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…….

It was May and heat had engulfed the UAE so the Clarion Diggers needed to start doing indoor activities! So… we decided to make galactic drinks!

Our butterfly pea flowers were in full bloom. Firstly, we picked them off the vine in the school garden. We pulled off the green stems and put a pile of the petals into a big tea pot. After that we carefully poured hot water into the pot and waited until the water turned blue. The color was amazing!

Then, we took old jars to use as glasses and we added ice. We poured the blue tea onto the ice and some of us added honey. (However, most of us just ate the honey!) The drinks looked galactic and as though they were straight out of the Empire in Star Wars.

The most amazing thing about the drinks was when we added lemon and the color changed to purple. We really enjoyed making galactic drinks using butterfly pea flowers.

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One Response to Galactic drinks – by Isaac

  1. Mr H says:

    Wow! These look tasty!

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