Making chalk from eggshells – by Lour

At Clarion School we have an after-school activity called the Diggers. It is a group of kids that love gardening and help in the garden. Two weeks ago, we made chalk out of powdered eggshells in one of the classrooms in the school! We wanted to see if we could make chalk out of natural materials.

First, we crushed the eggshells and mixed boiling water with the crushed eggshells. Then, we added flour and mixed it all together. After we made the mixture, we added natural food coloring made from spices and juices to make different colors. We used turmeric, paprika and cocoa powder, extracts from butterfly pea flowers (blue) and Malabar spinach seeds (deep red). Next, we put the mixture in a mold and left it for four days. It broke easily, but the yellow food coloring (turmeric) made the most color. We used the chalk on the concrete in front of our garden. The experience was fun and interesting.

My favorite part was molding the chalk because we got to touch it a lot. It was very squishy! I would recommend making your own chalk because you will learn how to make chalk out of natural materials. This is important because you know what the chalk is made from instead of using chemicals that could hurt you or environment.

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