Interview with K1A after their first harvest!

Today, March 18th 2024, K1A decided it was time to harvest their onions and potatoes we had planted back in January at the start of Term 2. I decided it would be a great time to interview our youngest eco-heroes at Clarion and am happy to share with you their thoughts on our journey with Bokashi and planting as a Kindergarten Class.


What is Bokashi?

“It’s where you leave your food in a bucket and it goes and it hardens and then softens over day and then night and then day and then finally after weeks and weeks we can mix it in the soil and then it helps us grow things that are good for plants and vegetable like onions or potatoes or carrots even.” Hudson


How did you help K1A with their Bokashi?

“I bring a lot of fruits that we cut up for Bokashi.” Victoria

“Food, vegetables, blackberries and I mean blueberries. I put them in soil.” Robin

“I would bring a bucket of Bokashi 5 times and it food scraps were in there and we put them in the bucket with Bokashi Bran and newspaper we stamp it down and leave it.” Sari


What is an important thing to remember when we do Bokashi?

“It important to label so we know what many we have inside the bucket.” Josephine

“You have to remember to close the lid tight or it will smell bad.” Savi


What did we decide to plant in January?

“Potatoes because it’s healthy for our bodies.” Charles

“Onions because for people to eat.” Cormac


Was it easy to take care of the potatoes and onions?

“Yes we water the plants every day.” Skyler

“We made bug spray because the plant would die from the bugs so we spray and they go’d away.” Mira

“Yeah because like its still small and we can do it easily.” Leonor


What will you do with your harvest?

” I give to Mommy so we can make something.” Daniel

“Daddy because he’s my favorite and he likes potatoes and onions.” Hudson


During our culmination we made our own Bokashi Bran and natural bug spray to trade with our parents for canned food to donate to the local food bank. As a year group, K1 donated 488 cans to the Dubai Foodbank.


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