Mr. H Junior’s typical day at Clarion – by Anoushka

When Clarion was invited to the Roots & Shoots Awards in Dubai this year, we were given Mr. H Junior to take back to school. Now that he’s settled in, we want to share a typical day in his life.

Firstly, he wakes up in his very cute bed. (I made it myself).

Then he eats breakfast and brushes his teeth before going to school by car.

When he gets to school, he goes straight to his classroom. Often he helps us to put food scraps from the previous day into the bokashi bucket.

Then we take eggshells that our classmates have brought from home to the garden. In the garden, he likes to do acrobatics on the fences and trellises. He has loads of fun.

From the garden, we return to our classroom and do schoolwork.

During lunchtime, he helps us to water the garden beds near our classroom.

He has joined an after-school activity club where he is helping to mix soil and fill the big garden bed upstairs. He even helped to add perlite. He got a little bit grubby, but we cleaned him up.

Later he sits and waits patiently while we do a few jobs in the garden.

Then we drive home again.

After dinner he takes a bath (an imaginary one) and cleans his teeth. He is then ready to go to bed and snuggles under his special Mr H blanket. He likes to sleep with his garden night light.

This is a typical day in Mr. H Junior’s life at Clarion.

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3 Responses to Mr. H Junior’s typical day at Clarion – by Anoushka

  1. Mr H Junior is so, so lucky with his life at Clarion!

    Thank you team (thank you Anoushka!!) for taking such good care of him!

  2. I love how Mr. H is enjoying Clarion. Love to see him so happy!!!

  3. Tara Golshan says:

    What a wonderful life you are giving Mr H. Thank you for all your hard work Anoushka and team. Keep the updates coming!

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