Filling the monster bed

The Clarion Diggers embarked on one of their biggest projects yet when they filled the newly-built garden bed on our upstairs street. Measuring a massive 404cm x 89cm X 50cm, this bed will become a place for our wonderful cleaners to grow food and share with us their gardening knowledge and expertise from their home countries spanning Africa and South Asia.

The Diggers, coming from Grades 1-5, worked together to mix cow and chicken manure, potting mix, coconut coir, sweet sand, vermicompost and perlite to provide optimal growing conditions. The children worked over three weeks and filled the bed in stages. They appreciated help from K1A one afternoon.

When the heavy rains in Dubai damaged Mr. Victor’s collection of cardboard boxes outside the Makerspace room, the Diggers worked hard to remove tape, staples and cardboard with paint or plastic coatings, and lined the base of the bed with the remainder.

Through the process, everyone learnt the value of teamwork, appreciated the physical labor behind filling a bed of this size, learnt more about mixing soil and using cardboard in garden beds, and contributed towards the expansion of the Clarion Community Garden. It was an amazing experience!

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