Turning building sand into soil – by George

We are trying to turn the building sand at the end of our community garden into actual soil for growing vegetables and flowers. I’ve been digging in this space since I started at Clarion in January 2022. I have worked on this with Ms. Nina and some of my friends. We want to be eco-friendly and see if building sand can be turned into soil for growing food.

The soil under the ground in our community garden is all sand. We grow our vegetables in beds or in pots. We are using some sand at the end of the garden for our experiment.

We have been trying to change the soil by putting leftover food from the school lunches (bokashi) into the sand. We have mixed over 70kg of bokashi into the sand. The most fun part is the digging.

We’ve been working very hard on this project. At the start we noticed that the bokashi did not change in the soil so we added more bokashi bran with microbes and some compost and soil. After doing this I have noticed that the soil is getting soft and wet. It is also turning into black soil for growing.

We will keep putting more bokashi into the ground. Once the soil is healthy, we are going to plant some papaya trees in this part of our community garden.




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