Composting chaos and joy

Isn’t composting meant to be serious (and smelly) business? Something best avoided and left to quirky garden people? This week, while filling the school tumbler, the Clarion Diggers proved that composting can be anything but these things. (Well ok, perhaps a bit smelly.)

From the joy of piling up dried leaves into buckets and discovering new techniques for pouring them into the tumbler, to the challenge of balancing mounds of squishy fermented food waste on the end of a shovel, preparing our latest batch of compost was a fun-filled way to spend an afternoon.

And who would have thought that ripping up paper for the tumbler could be so joyous…and chaotic! What began as a group of students sitting calmy around a box of paper, soon morphed into a snow fight, a tug of war, and a costume party. The photos say it all.

There might have been a paper mess to pick up afterwards, but the experience was an intoxicating mix of the beauty and creativity of childhood, and the pleasure of doing something purposeful and beneficial for the earth.

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