Planting Ghaf trees for National Day

For National Day this year, Clarion students planted Ghaf tree seeds to celebrate the 52nd year of the United Arab Emirates. As the UAE’s national tree, and a tree of cultural and historical significance, it was a fitting way to mark the occasion and give our students greater awareness of the native flora in the place they call home.

The seeds were sourced by one of our fathers from a farm in Al Ain. The Clarion Diggers mixed the soil in preparation for planting, and the Eco Heroes made a poster explaining the significance of Ghaf trees. Our Eco committee parents organized and supported the planting activity during our National Day celebration.

To ensure that all seeds are given the best chance of survival, students chose between taking their planted seed home or leaving it to be cared for at school. Depending on individual circumstances, students will grow their tree at home and eventually plant it in the ground, or they will return it to school at any stage of its growth to be cared for until it is ready to be planted at school, around Dubai or in the desert.

Hopefully in this way, Clarion will be able to contribute more Ghaf trees to the beautiful natural environment around us. Happy UAE National Day 2023!

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