Small steps towards more sustainable school community events

In an effort to bring together community events and our growing whole-school focus on composting and waste reduction, the Clarion parent community recognized Breast Cancer Awareness month with a craft activity planned with sustainability in mind.

Avoiding plastics, balloons and other common materials found at school events, the parent community organized a Kindness Paperchain where students could write and draw messages of hope, encouragement and love for everyone affected by breast cancer. Messages were written on individual pieces of paper that were glued together using a DIY, compostable glue made out of corn starch, water and a drop each of essential oil and food coloring.

The glue not only looked and smelt beautiful, but means that the paper chain can be composted in our community garden at the end of this month without concerns of chemicals from store-bought glue getting into the food we grow.

While this is just a small step in the right direction, it will serve as a catalyst for other events at Clarion school. It might also inspire alternative glue sources in classroom activities at our school, and is a reminder that we need to stick together when working on sustainability. No pun intended.



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