Making a garden out of recycled materials

Pre K students at Clarion set up a full garden outside of their classroom last year using only recycled materials. A collection of used water bottles of all shapes and sizes, and a few tires, became the containers used to grow a wide range of crops including pumpkins, mint, oregano, spinach, eggplants and leeks.

Students discovered that gardening does not need to cost a lot of money, it just takes a bit of creativity and an awareness of how we can repurpose the things we already have around us.

This year the containers will be filled with new crops and our youngest learners will continue to explore new ways of recycling materials for gardening. Recently, the Green Fingers gardening club made papier-mâché pot plants. They are using these fully biodegradable containers to plant new seeds. Eventually these will return to the earth and the cycle will continue.


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