A call to join…A message from our Eco Heroes Student President Mariam Jaafar

Hi, my name is Mariam and I am going to talk to you all about what we are going to do in Eco Heroes this year and hopefully recruit some wonderful students.

The big idea is to make the school the most Eco-friendly school in Dubai, but this goal is way too big for right now so we will be cutting it up into mini goals that will eventually lead up to that!

Now that I said all that I am going to introduce, here is my first idea. Cutting down paper usage in the school.

When I thought this through I realized that I couldn’t stop teachers or students from using paper so let us change that mini goal to finding an alternative to paper…and I found one! I found out about recycled paper, recycled paper is paper that is recycled from paper that is thrown away. If Clarion School gets this paper the school will not only have a good supply of paper but will also be contributing to helping the planet.

This brings me to our next mini-goal: Somehow letting students know about good and bad things that have happened in the world that affect the planet(things humans have done).

I thought about this a bit more and thought that we could create a news broadcast using the radio CCI. They could gather information and then once a month apply it to a 1-2 minute video. I think this could really benefit the school by welcoming creativity and multiplying it. This could also help the committee prevent un-eco friendly things from happening at school.

Lastly, I think that we should start doing lessons outside when the weather gets better.

This could improve the happiness and mental health of students. But we would have to make an area outside for lessons. There are so many solutions to make Clarion a more eco-friendly place, but alongside all the solutions there are problems. I can’t do this alone!

Go to Ms.Roisin if you would like to join, goodbye!

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2 Responses to A call to join…A message from our Eco Heroes Student President Mariam Jaafar

  1. A great call to action Mariam!
    We hope lots other students join you in your mission towards making Clarion a more eco-friendly place.

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