Student council assembly about the Clarion Community Garden

On March 13, 2023, the Clarion Student Council ran three assemblies to inform students about the Clarion Community Garden and associated activities.

In the lead-up, members of the student council worked for two months preparing the assemblies. Supported by parents from the Clarion Parent Committee, they came up with ideas to present information about the garden in an engaging way for students of all ages.

One group of students created an entertaining play highlighting the importance of caring for the environment. This was used to introduce the assemblies, and to engage students with the aim of the community garden. Two Eco Heroes were the stars of this performance!

Another group made a video explaining different garden-related activities taking place at school. Students in this group interviewed other students who were participating in various garden-related activities. They also narrated a series of photographs showing what was happening around the school. The video was shown during the assemblies to inform students about the garden, and also to showcase the work that was being done across the school.

To conclude the assemblies, student council members set up an activity where a representative from each class could plant a seed to be grown in their classroom. This symbolized the beginning of the school garden and the hope that it would grow to be an integral part of the school.

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