Beach Clean Up

“A rising tide of plastic waste is choking our oceans, threatening fragile ecosystems, and killing sea life. If we don’t do anything about plastics, oceans will carry more plastic than fish (by weight) by 2050.” (WWF)

Channeling our inner eco-warriors, our PreK and K1 learners ventured to clean up the beach.
🌊 🏖️ 🚮

But it wasn’t just about picking up trash-they also learned about SDG14 and were all abuzz about protecting our oceans and marine life by being responsible beach-goers.

Kudos to these young environmental warriors for taking action and making a difference! Let’s all follow their lead and keep our beaches clean and our oceans healthy! 🙌 🌊

And a new art installation in the Sunrise corridor gives us all an invitation to think about what we are disposing of and littering our gorgeous beaches with.


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