Bokashi Bins at Clarion K1: Transforming Waste into Treasure.

On November 16th, 2022, the Sunrise Corridor was visited by a special guest, Nina. She came to teach K1 students about an innovative composting method called Bokashi. The students were fascinated by the process and eagerly took apart the buckets to learn more.

Nina explained that the Bokashi bucket is used to ferment food waste which is later used to create nutrient-rich compost. The air-tight buckets and bran create the perfect environment for this process. The liquid that drains from the fermented food creates a nutritious ‘tea’ that can be used to fertilize plants across Clarion.

The school cafe even joined in, by saving used coffee granules that could be added to the Bokashi mixture. The two buckets already weighed a substantial 9.8kg and 7.6kg and the tea produced was helping give added nutrients to a variety of delicious and nutritious vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, and more.

Overall, the visit from Nina was a huge success and the students were left inspired by the Bokashi method and eager to continue their composting journey.



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