Green Week

Our Green Week has finished and we are now looking at how to move forward with a consistent approach. Our ‘climate cops’ have ensured that classes have become far more aware of how they can make a difference within their rooms, the Trashion show – fashion from trash – was a roaring success and the eco selfies we received were a great way of showing what amazing things were happening at home too!

In addition, we had talks from parents in Primary & Secondary about the companies for whom they work with a green approach and some children got to visit Masdar City and view the new London Routemaster bus – one of the greenest buses on the planet. Even lunchtime got involved and one meal per day got a green rating, meaning its ingredients were locally sourced, rather then flown in.

Our school blog has a feature on our ‘Reusable Rumble‘ where you can see the HUGE amount of donated reusable plastic items we received from parents meaning we will never use and throw away a paper plate or cup ever again!

All in all it was a great week!

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One Response to Green Week

  1. Mr H says:

    Well done to everyone involved – looks like it was a great success!

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