Grey Water Recycling Project

We were able to do this project with the prize money that we received for the Lead Sustainable Schools award. .

Through this project we collect approximately 250 liters of water per working day of the school, which comes to an average of 1250 litres per week. Now we use this recycled water to water the trees and plants of our school, for which we were otherwise using fresh tap water .

The process:

Water from the washroom sinks of the first floor of the school is channelled through pipes and valves, into a collecting tank below after it passes through a small filtration box consisting of gravel, sand and charcoal. From this tank, water is pumped out using a motor operated by solar power.and then connected to a water hose to water our trees and plants .

Student involvement:

Students are able to understand how waste water can be recycled using simple but effective measures. They are able to measure and calculate the quality of water recycled per day. They can also estimate the time taken for the tank to get filled and use the water accordingly.

This hands-on involvement has motivated older students to teach younger ones about the effectiveness of conserving water .

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