25 Activities done by the Bangladesh School

Here at the Bangladesh School we have been more than busy. We were delighted to be invited to the Roots & Shoots Awards UAE and we had a great time.

As in 2016 we celebrate Roots & Shoots 25th Anniversary, Bangladesh school showed at the event the 25 things they did as part of the Sustainable Schools Initiative Programme (SSI) of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (SSI).

Here is what kept us occupied, but very excited to see the “fruits” of our work. Many of these projects are continues. We love seeing the difference these activities make for animals, the environment and the community. The 25 Things we did are:

  1. Planting Ghaf Tree
  2. Celebrating World Water Day
  3. Celebrating Earth Day
  4. National Environment Day
  5. Awareness campaign to promote UN theme ‘ Seven Billion Dreams, One planet, Consume with Care’.
  6. Recycling ablution water for our plants
  7. Joined the Water Bank
  8. Clean up Campaign
  9. Puppet Show – Theme: Reduce Consumption.
  10. Mangrove field trip
  11. Fresh Fruit Day
  12. Renewable Energy: Saving 30% of our total energy requirements
  13. Changing into Energy Efficient Lights
  14. Installing Wind Tower
  15. Making Compost pit
  16. Barren Land gets a touch of life: our first tree plantation
  17. Visit to farms and educating farmers on water sustainability
  18. Integration of environmental education into curriculum
  19. Say No to Plastic: Campaign
  20. Campaigning against Air Pollution alongside Community Police
  21. Promoting Tree Plantation
  22. As a lead school our ECO-team sharing best practices with other schools and universities
  23. Efficient use of day light
  24. Honey from our ECO garden, featured on CNN also.
  25. Segregation of waste & Collecting e-Waste

R&S 2  R&S 4

R&S 1  R&S 3  R&S 5


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