Poem read by Asma Amreen at the Roots & Shoots Awards UAE

This poem is dedicated to Jane Goodall on the 25th anniversary of Roots & Shoots

The Caring Call

Deep and dense wood calls me

In a caring manner

And whispers into my ears

Wake up and walk on my bare bosom.

Soft and sober, and the glowing grass

Sweet and serene and the tender shoots

The roots buried down the earth

                                           Child-like chimps, animals roaming in rows

                                                         Call us in human appeal

                                                           Every, every day

                                                           Let us walk together

                                                           Let us sing together

                                                              With sick and sad

Human beings, with no food and no shelter

Let us work together

Let us grow together

Let us dream together.


Written and Read by Asma Amreen, on 19-01-2016

Grade 10, SKBZ Bangladesh Islamia School

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